About Barbados

BARBADOS… the name alone evokes mental images of the ultimate paradise getaway. Your desires fuelled by idyllic scenes of white sand beaches, turquoise waters, Caribbean sunsets and the perfect rum cocktail mixed by a friendly local. Whilst St Helena is the perfect place to relax, don’t forget – there is a whole island to explore.

Barbados is 166 square miles of low lying terrain. Unlike other carribean islands, she has a gentle terrain where old sugar cane estates dominate – no volcanic peaks or lava-like landscapes here. The historical ties with the British and the French are still strong, and this is evident with the colonial syle architecture which St Helena boasts.

THE island is compact enough to feel discoverable but large enough to allow your sense of adventure to be indulged. It takes around 45 minutes to drive from one side of the island to the other. Take a trip around the east coast to discover the windswept palms, deserted yellow sand beaches and a surfers paradise. Indulge in some relaxation time watching out for green monkeys, fireflies or whistling frogs in the banana crops.

CENTRAL Barbados is famous for its botanical gardens, limestone hills, lush scenery and giant caves. Whilst commercial, the south coast still boasts certain elements of beauty such as its famous white sand beaches.

BRIDGETOWN is also worth a visit for its natural harbour, duty-free shops, colonial buildings, rum shops and harbour side cafes. You may also wish to take a deep-sea fishing trip or even sample some of the tasty Bajan cuisine.

The best beaches are on the west coast. With protected, clear Caribbean waters & picturesque sunsets, hence why this part of the island has an exclusive clientele – and this of course is where you will find St Helena.

PARTIAL to international cuisines? You will be well taken care of in Barbados. The island boasts a plethora of tastes to suit all palettes including French and Italian to Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian and Polynesian – not to mention the local Bajan flavours.